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5 Strategies to be an Influential Leader

5 Ways to be an Influential Leader

Influential leaders are the driving force behind all of the greatest businesses globally.  Great leaders recognize the strength of their leadership is built on their ability to adapt to changing circumstances and know how and when to seize opportunities amid a changing landscape.

Great influencers are known to create movements of people sharing the same values and trusting each other on a journey to create meaning.

Influential leaders recognize that empowerment forms a positive indirect relationship between an influencer and follower. It facilitates meaning towards a better future in exchange for an employee’s efforts to join this journey.

Therefore, to change people’s lives, you need to be in a respectful and authoritative position to influence, by adopting following recommend methods.

1.  Provide people with a sense of belonging and embrace accountability

2.  Empower people to feel important and listen

3. Connect with people’s emotions and demonstrate empathy

4. Respect people’s opinions, acknowledge good work and evoke confidence

5. Demonstrate integrity and sympathy
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