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AI+ Security™

AI+ Security™ Training is an advanced course that integrates AI and Cybersecurity to safeguard digital assets. Participants will gain expertise in using AI for detecting and mitigating cyber threats, mastering techniques such as machine learning and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Key focus areas include Python programming, email threat detection, malware analysis, and user authentication security.

   Intermediate Level      40 PDU

5 Days (40 Hours)


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  Live Online

Jul 25, 2024
10AM – 4PM EST

   Live Online

Aug 19 - 23, 2024

  Live Online

Sep 16 - 20, 2024

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Overview -

The AI+ Security™ Training course offers a comprehensive exploration of AI's role in enhancing cybersecurity. Tailored for professionals, this course begins with fundamental Python programming tailored for AI and Cybersecurity applications. Participants will delve into essential AI principles and apply machine learning techniques to detect and mitigate cyber threats, including email threats, malware, and network anomalies.

Participants will gain hands-on experience in advanced topics such as user authentication using AI algorithms and the application of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for cybersecurity purposes. The course emphasizes practical application, culminating in a Capstone Project where attendees synthesize their skills to address real-world cybersecurity challenges, making them adept in leveraging AI to safeguard digital assets effectively.

CierraTEC, a leader in technology training, delivers this course with expert guidance from AI Certs™ Certified Trainers. Our experienced instructors provide in-depth learning experiences, real-world challenges, and the application of key concepts. CierraTEC ensures participants receive resources and support to make informed, effective, and ethical decisions in cybersecurity using AI. 

Learning Topics:
  • Gain a solid understanding of both AI and cybersecurity basics, exploring how AI can be applied to enhance cyber defenses and risk management.
  • Investigate how advanced AI technologies like Machine Learning and GANs can be leveraged to improve digital security through applications such as anomaly and malware detection.
  • Acquire specialized Python programming skills for automating cybersecurity tasks, analyzing data, and developing tools to protect sensitive information.
  • Implement AI strategies for detecting network anomalies and enhancing user authentication, using AI to identify irregular patterns and secure access systems.
  • Conduct practical projects and capstone activities that apply AI and Python to real-world cybersecurity challenges, focusing on penetration testing and threat simulation with AI tools.

Target Audience -

  • Security Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Security Consultant

Prerequisites -

  • AI+ Everyone™   --or--
  • AI+ Executive™

Course Outline  -


How will this course benefit my career in cybersecurity?

Yes, by completing the AI+ Security™ Training, you'll gain expertise in using AI for detecting and mitigating cyber threats. You'll master techniques such as machine learning and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). This knowledge can lead to new career opportunities in cybersecurity roles, with increased responsibilities and potential for advancement. 

Who should take AI+ Security™ course?

This course is ideal for cybersecurity professionals, IT specialists, data scientists, and anyone interested in enhancing their cybersecurity skills using AI. It is designed for those who want to learn how to leverage AI to improve their organization's security posture. 

How does the Capstone Project enhance learning in the AI+ Security™ Training course?

The Capstone Project lets participants use what they've learned to tackle real-world cybersecurity problems. This hands-on experience helps them bring together their knowledge and learn how to use AI effectively in cybersecurity. 

Will I gain certification for the AI+ Security™ course?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an industry-standard AI+ Security™ certification, validating your expertise in applying AI for cybersecurity.

What resources and support are provided during the course?

CierraTEC ensures participants receive comprehensive resources, including course materials, practical exercises, and access to expert instructors. Ongoing support is provided to help you make informed, effective, and ethical decisions in cybersecurity using AI.  


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